On October the 6th, 2015 has been held in Pisa at  the TeCIP Institute at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna a seminar on:  AMBER –  Advanced Mother Board for Embedded systems pRototyping.
Here you can find some hints on the topics discussed during the presentation:

  • Amber extremes the concepts of scalability, modularity and flexibility supporting multiple communication standards through hardware modules that can be added or removed in a plug&play manner, .
  • Universities and Students  can have immediate access to emerging technologies throught Amber bords, with full teaching support.
  • A plethora of technologies to connect “Things” can be exploited  but Amber is not just a modular IoT gateway.
  • Concept, design strategies and architecture of Amber and mini-Amber boards.
  • Interfacing Amber extender modules: Querying configuration – Communicating with modules – Software stack.
  • Advantages of a standard interface for AMBER extenders.
  • Hardware evolution, kernel evolution, lessons learned in the past that lead us to AMBER project
  • OS for Amber boards

We are glad to have met such interesting and stimulating peoples in Pisa, we are enthusiastic about the projects we discussed about and for this the Amber Team wants to thank all those who were present and participated in this event with us.

Thank you

The Amber Team