In these days the first scientific paper on Amber has been officially released on the IEEEXplore website, the paper is accessible at this link:

In the paper, the AMBER board is presented as an advanced solution to be used as system gateway in heterogeneous IoT networks. Along with AMBER concept and design, the paper describes main hardware components and available Linux distributions. The article is the first official contribution of the three AMBER  founders: Egidio Gioia, Pierluigi Passaro, and Matteo Petracca. AMBER is the result of their expertises, passion, and love for challenges. Egidio is a hardware and firmware specialist, he has designed the AMBER board giving life to ideas. Pierluigi is a Linux expert, he is fostering the AMBER growth in the open-source community.  Matteo is an academic researcher with expertises in embedded systems, he envisioned the AMBER solution and today he continues to develop ideas to project the AMBER into the future.