The development of complex embedded systems based on latest generation processors presents problems in hardware and software that often discourage those who must face a new project. Furthermore, considering the emerging world of Internet of Things (IoT), where an increasing number of technologies and interfaces should be supported by an advanced embedded system functioning as a gateway, adopting the same solution in different fields is sometimes almost impossible due to a lack of modularity and expandability of the developed solution.
An answer to the problems above is provided by AMBER (, a modular, standard and totally “open” (licensed under Creative Commons) platform, where designers, developers and producers can converge  in order to facilitate the diffusion of new technologies, simplifying their integration and use. Thanks to a modular design where both devices and processor can easily be changed throught special extenders, AMBER can be adopted for a wide range of applications both in academic and industry environments.

The TeCIP Institute at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa sponsors a seminar on AMBER,  Advanced Mother Board for Embedded Systems pRototyping.

Speaker: Ing. Egidio Gioia, Arrow Electronics.

The event is held on tuesday, October the 6th, 2015 – h 15.00 -17.00 in Aula Blu – TeCIP.

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